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March 10

Time: 5:30

Topic: Augmented Reality for Geospatial Applications

Speaker: Dmitri Bagh, Safe Software

Meeting Link: 

Abstract: The presenter will talk about geospatial uses of augmented reality (AR).

AR is not an entertaining toy anymore. Transforming existing data and applying GIS principles to AR allows cities and organizations using augmented reality for practical purposes such as seeing through the ground for understanding the current state of utility infrastructure, annotating on-the-ground assets, traffic management, and safety measures during COVID-19 pandemic.

Bio: Dmitri Bagh has worked as Safe Software’s Scenario Creation Analyst since 2005. As a technology expert, Dmitri researches and develops new ways to improve data manipulation processes for a wide variety of industries. He graduated with a Masters of Science in Geography from the Saint Petersburg State University in 1993.

April 14

May 12


Time: TBD

Topic:  Drone based LiDar - Collection & Processing. BBQ to Follow!

Speaker: Ali Miri, UAViation Aerial Solutions Ltd.

Location: UAViation Aerial Solutions, 250 Schoolhouse Street - Unit 107, Coquitlam BC.

Abstract: This demo & talk will include an on site lidar data capture demonstration (weather permitting) with a liAir 200 drone based LiDar unit. As well as a presentation on processing & applications, and a BBQ lunch. LiDar data is used in a variety of fields and can be easily incorporated into a GIS.

Bio: With over 19 years of experience in aviation, Ali began his career as an aircraft maintenance engineer, focusing on avionics. As UAV/RPAS technology rapidly progressed, Ali recognized the untapped potential in a commercial and industrial applications, and founded UAViation in 2015. Ali has been flying RPAS based Lidar missions since 2016 and is an advanced RPAS pilot and flight reviewer.