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November  15, 2023

Time: 5:30

GIS Day: In celebration of GIS Day we are expanding the format for the evening.

In first hour there will be a presentation and questions. Francis Morrell from the City of Vancouver will be speaking about the City's GIS Roadmap Project. GIS Roadmap was aimed at improving GIS access for non-GIS professionals -- an especially apt topic for GIS Day.

The second hour will be dedicated to networking and socializing.

In addition, only for those of you attending in-person, we will be drawing for 5 licenses of ArcGIS for personal use , courtesy of ESRI.

In an effort to reach out a little further on GIS Day, Naz Ali, steering committee member and our host at CBRE, has published the evening on Eventbrite. As part of the experiment, we would appreciate it if those of you planning to attend in person could sign up via this link.

Location: This will be a hybrid in person and Zoom meeting. Members may attend in person at CBRE's downtown offices at 1021 West Hastings Suite 2500, or virtually through Zoom.

Topic: Empowering users through GIS: Vancouver’s mission to enable GIS users across the organization.

Speaker: Francis Morrell, GIS Systems Analyst, City of Vancouver

Meeting Link: 

Abstract: In the City of Vancouver’s GIS Roadmap Project, which concluded in 2021, we aimed to improve GIS access for non-GIS professionals. With the implementation of ArcGIS Enterprise, even those with basic GIS knowledge could develop low-code and no-code solutions. This shift from traditional IT-centric GIS development to involving subject matter experts across the organization posed new challenges.

Since 2020, we've adopted the Self-Service and hybrid GIS Support Model, addressing governance, system stability, monitoring, and user engagement issues. We've onboarded approximately 120 GIS content creators who've generated numerous applications, story maps, and layers. Since 2022, we've extended this model to include advanced GIS professionals from other departments. Creating a true hybrid support model. In this discussion, we'll cover our journey, successes with the self-service model, and forthcoming challenges.

Bio: Francis is a GIS Analyst at the City of Vancouver currently embedded in the GIS Projects Team. Francis has 8 years of Public service GIS experience. Previously working for the Resort Municipality of Whistler, Francis’ geospatial focus has been on civic data, urban planning and utilities. As a personal geospatial ambition the question remains - How close can I get my office to the ski hill?

December 6, 2023

Time: 5:30

Location: This will be a hybrid in person and Zoom meeting. Members may attend in person at CBRE's downtown offices at 1021 West Hastings Suite 2500, or virtually through Zoom.

Topic: Augmented Reality: Transforming Data into Interactive Experiences in Magic Leap

Speaker: Dmitri Bagh, Safe Software

Abstract:  Today's vast data and complex workflows demand more than the flat landscapes of paper and screens. In this talk, we'll introduce how Augmented Reality, through the innovative Magic Leap headset, is revolutionizing the way we interact with information. We'll showcase the transformation of conventional documents and varied 2D/3D data into dynamic, immersive experiences. Attendees will learn about reimagining workflows of diverse forms and formats into more intuitive and engaging interactions. Discover the future of data engagement with AR, making information accessible and manipulable in entirely new ways.

Bio: Dmitri has worked as Safe Software’s Scenario Creation and Testing Analyst since January 2005. An FME expert, his role is to research and develop new ways that FME can be implemented to improve processes in different industries. Dmitri graduated with a M.Sc. in Geography from the Saint Petersburg State University.

January  10, 2024

February 7, 2024

March  13, 2024

April 10, 2024

May 8, 2024


Time: TBD

Topic:  Drone based LiDar - Collection & Processing. BBQ to Follow!

Speaker: Ali Miri, UAViation Aerial Solutions Ltd.

Location:&UAViation Aerial Solutions, 250 Schoolhouse Street - Unit 107, Coquitlam BC.

Abstract: This demo & talk will include an on site lidar data capture demonstration (weather permitting) with a liAir 200 drone based LiDar unit. As well as a presentation on processing & applications, and a BBQ lunch. LiDar data is used in a variety of fields and can be easily incorporated into a GIS.

Bio: With over 19 years of experience in aviation, Ali began his career as an aircraft maintenance engineer, focusing on avionics. As UAV/RPAS technology rapidly progressed, Ali recognized the untapped potential in a commercial and industrial applications, and founded UAViation in 2015. Ali has been flying RPAS based Lidar missions since 2016 and is an advanced RPAS pilot and flight reviewer.